Ground Improvement

Delivering innovative ground improvement solutions, ensuring enhanced soil stability and enduring structural integrity across diverse conditions.

Enhancing Ground Stability

At A.H. Beck Foundation Company, we specialize in ground improvement solutions that are meticulously designed to fortify soil stability and enhance ground strength. Our extensive experience encompasses a wide array of techniques to address diverse soil conditions and challenges, ensuring the resilience and longevity of every structure. Whether the project involves increasing bearing capacity, mitigating liquefaction, or stabilizing soft ground, we bring precision and expertise to every endeavor.

Common Ground Improvement Solutions


Densification, using vibration or displacement, is a pivotal method for improving granular soils, enhancing soil compactness, and stability.


Involves constructing or inserting stiff elements within a soil mass to create an improved composite material, increasing soil strength and resilience.

Cementitious Materials

Improves soil by adding cementitious materials, permeating granular soils, or mixing in all soil types, enhancing soil compactness and load-bearing capacity.

Vertical Drains:

The insertion of vertical drains accelerates soil settlement and strengthening when subjected to a surcharge load, enhancing soil drainage and stability.

Specialized Grouting Techniques

Voids can lead to the settlement of overlying structures. We employ compaction grouting, cement grouting, polyurethane grouting, and other specialized techniques to permanently fill voids, stop mine subsidence, and stabilize sinkholes, ensuring ground stability and structural integrity.

Treatment for Expansive Soils

Heave due to expansive clay soils is a prevalent issue. We utilize injection systems to treat expansive clays beneath buildings and landfills, stabilizing the ground and preventing heave, ensuring the workability and stability of building pads, streets, parking lots, and runways.