Safety is not just a priority; it is the foundation of our identity.

A Commitment Beyond Construction

At A.H. Beck Foundation Company, we recognize the inherent risks and hazards within our industry. However, with sensible but robust safety practices, we can not only reduce but eliminate accidents. We are firmly committed to creating a safe working environment and that commitment is rooted in the well-being of our employees, partners, and clients. Ensuring safety isn’t merely a procedural obligation—it’s a moral necessity.

Four Pillars of Our Safety Practices


Our leaders commitment to prioritizing employee protection is the inspiration that drives the culture to achieve a safe working environment.


We strive to ensure employees feel not only safe to work, but also safe to speak up when there is a concern. Its important that all employees feel they own the safety process.


We focus on ensuring that all employees have everything they need to do their job including the skills and training they need for their job through proper training and development.


We rely on our knowledge of methods and techniques along using OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Plan and Behavioral-Based Safety Programs as guides we strive not to just adhere to a standard but improve or raise the standard.

Safety is Our Foundation

A.H. Beck Foundation Company has always and will continue to ensure that Safety is our Foundation and is the most important responsibility we have as an organization which shall lead us in a unified direction and inspire how we act, every day, on every project.