Soil Cement Columns / Deep Soil Mixing

Soil cement columns deep soil mixing is the mechanical blending of soil with cementitious materials to form a soilcrete mixture with increased shear strength, reduced compressibility, reduced permeability and other improved properties. Many structures such as embankments, tanks, commercial/industrial buildings and port facilities can be economically supported by soil mix columns. Soil mix columns can be used to stabilize slopes and levees, create in-situ gravity retaining structures, and can greatly reduce lateral loads on bulkhead walls. Soil mixing can also be used to facilitate tunnel construction and to minimize the impact that the tunneling may have on nearby structures. Deep soil mixing construction is most often provided on a design and build basis. As part of the design process, soil borings are conducted, and various laboratory mix designs are developed to achieve the required compressive strength and other design requirements. Once an optimum mix is developed, the installation of the soil cement columns begins. Soil mixing can be accomplished with a wide range of mixing tools and configurations dependent upon the specific application and use. QA/QC is employed to ensure that the proper mixing and cement dosages are completed in columns with the proper diameter and depth in the field and that the design mix compressive strength is being met.

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