Rigid Inclusions

GIEs are vertical grout columns utilized for soil stabilization and reinforcement. Their installation involves either full or partial displacement methods followed by the injection of fluid cement grout into the created space. GIEs enhance the properties of granular soils and reinforce various soil types, including granular and fine-grained soils beneath shallow foundations and floor slabs. This process is especially effective for mitigating liquefaction in seismically active regions, from surface level to greater depths.

In fine-grained soils, neutral displacement augered, grouted elements are implemented to reduce settlement and increase bearing capacity, establishing a robust subgrade for shallow foundations and floor slabs.

A.H. Beck can develop an economical and efficient subgrade improvement or reinforcement strategy for a diverse range of soil conditions, from sands susceptible to liquefaction to various fills and clays. Our engineering team is equipped to tailor a ground improvement scheme that meets the specific needs of your project. For additional information on A.H. Beck GIEs and our engineering services, please contact our engineering group or visit our regional office.

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