Rammed Aggregate Piers

A.H. Beck utilizes the proven Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) system to deliver robust ground improvement solutions. This technique forms a dense column of aggregate that works in concert with the existing soil to form a strengthened matrix. Applicable to a broad spectrum of soil types and design scenarios, RAP systems are flexible in their application, offering “drill and fill” approaches for stable non-caving soils such as silts and clays, and “displacement” methods for soils that are more prone to collapse, including sands and soft clays and silts.

Leveraging the RAP technology, A.H. Beck can provide foundational support even in challenging organic soils by integrating cement or grout when necessary. The end result of implementing RAP is a significantly stiffened soil mass, ensuring improved bearing capacity and exceptional settlement control, optimal for the support of various foundation types, including spread footings and slabs-on-grade. This approach underscores A.H. Beck’s commitment to delivering high-quality foundation solutions using industry-recognized technologies.

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