Earth Retention

Advanced earth retention solutions focused on optimal terrain security and environmental protection across varied geological landscapes.

Long-Lasting Structural and Environmental Safety

At A.H. Beck Foundation Company, we are dedicated to providing innovative earth retention solutions, designed to secure and stabilize terrains, safeguarding both structures and the environment. Our wealth of experience includes a range of specialized techniques to meet the unique needs and challenges of each project, guaranteeing the safety and longevity of every structure and its surrounding environment.

Common Earth Retention Solutions

Containment and Stabilization

Specializing in the containment and stabilization of hazardous waste and subsurface contaminants, we ensure environmental safety and compliance with all relevant regulations.

Customized Retention Techniques

Our extensive experience encompasses a myriad of earth retention techniques, including environmental barrier/cutoff walls and in situ stabilization, all customized to site-specific conditions.

Groundwater Control

We implement innovative solutions for effective groundwater control and contaminant migration, ensuring optimal soil conditions and environmental protection.

Soil Treatment and Stabilization

Our advanced methods encapsulate contaminants and utilize various reagents and reducers to stabilize or oxidize contaminated soil, ensuring ground stability and resilience.